Executive Education in Singapore

At Manchester Worldwide (S.E. Asia), executive education is more than simply educating executives. It is about partnerships, understanding and collaboration. It is about finding innovative ways to apply our original thinking to the challenges of the modern business world. It is about sharing what we discover about business with people who can use it. At Manchester Worldwide (S.E. Asia), Executive Education courses offered in Singapore will provide executives with the desired business education they require to soar in the field.

Make an Impact with Lasting Connections

Whether you want to transform the way one person works, inspire a group to think differently or drive change across a whole organisation, a partnership with Manchester Worldwide (S.E. Asia) will help drive your business forward. Our tailored open and customised Executive Education programmes in Singapore create a real impact on individual and business performance In the past ten years, over 20,000 delegates – and their employers – have reaped the rewards of our rigorous and challenging programmes.

As soon as you start the Executive Education courses in Singapore, you become part of our Executive Education Network. You will receive regular updates on our ground-breaking research, new programmes and innovative events.

While being part of the Executive Education Network, you will get the opportunity to meet many like-minded executives in the field throughout the programme and maintain meaningful connections in Singapore and beyond.

In its 2018 ranking, The Financial Times positioned Alliance Manchester Business School 4th in the UK for customised executive education. Globally, the school has risen 15 places to 31st and is ranked 15th in Europe. 

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