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Manchester Worldwide (South East Asia)

Manchester Worldwide (S.E. Asia) (formerly known as Manchester Business School Singapore Centre) Singapore, established in 1999, is a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of The University of Manchester. Located in the heart of Singapore, the centre allows ambitious and busy working professionals of diverse backgrounds from South East Asia and Oceania to immerse themselves in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan business environments. We are proud of our growing portfolio of highly flexible and reputable part-time Masters’ programmes. Students are encouraged to attend intensive face-to-face residential workshops at our partner global centres in Southeast Asia, the UK, Hong Kong, Middle East, China and São Paulo while benefitting from the best global academic and administrative staff, support and resources. Manchester Worldwide (S.E. Asia) physical centre provides an inspiring and safe working environment where students can connect and exchange ideas across various cultural backgrounds and industries. With our student population spanning 21 nationalities and over 20 unique sectors, our students can take on new perspectives, gain inspiration, network and build lasting and valuable connections with like-minded individuals. At the core of our centre is a strong commitment to social responsibility, where we aim to make a positive difference across South East Asia and Oceania.

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