UoM Alumni Gala Dinner

On 12th June, Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice Chancellor of UoM attended the China alumni gala dinner in Beijing. The dinner was supported by alumni volunteers with over 200 alumni joinining the dinner.

Dame Nancy Rothwell’s speech mentioned that nearly half of the international alumni were from China and the number was increasing year on year. Most Chinese alumni come back to China and are active in politics, business, academia etc.

She also mentioned that Manchester is one of the important cities in Northern England and the University of Manchester was the top academic and research centre in this area.

She encouraged our alumni – one of the key drivers for the University’s development – to make higher achievements and became the ambassadors and bridge between the UoM and those in China.

Dr. Qian Ouyang, President of the UoM China Alumni Association, represented the China alumni to make a speech on the development of alumni and association in China.

China Centre director Sherry Fu’s speech looked back the development and major achievements made since its establishment in 2008. She also mentioned the SORSA UoM Alumni Association.

Last year, Dame Nancy Rothwell visited Shanghai and announced the rename and launch of the UoM China Centre, showing the importance the UoM attached to China.

Other distinguished guests from Manchester included Professor Martin Schroder (Vice-President and Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and Professor of Chemistry), Professor Ian Greer (Vice-President and Dean of The University of Manchester’s Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health), Sir Kostya Novoselov, Helen Archibald (Senior Officer of Alumni Office).