Alan Lok - Jan 2009 Intake

Alan Lok, Director, Society Advocacy Engagement, CFA Institute

My Manchester MBA experience has benefited me in three key areas.

First, it built up a strong working foundation in me to look at business model from an inside-out approach. Having accumulated more than 10 years of working experience as an equity analyst, my usual way of looking at company business model was turned upside down. I used to look at companies in terms of numbers, spreadsheets and the exchange of utilities among vested interest parties. After multiple rounds of hand-on 3-day intensive workshops with fellow industry professionals and the ever-inspiring faculty members, I was rewired to look at businesses from the CEO perspective. Since then, I learn to show more empathy towards individuals working in businesses and gained deeper appreciation of how to execute top level decisions to optimize the welfare of all around me. This largely smoothen my transition from a content expert into a people manager.

Second, those grueling 3-day workshops have strengthened my bonding with an extensive network of like-minded professionals. In a typical adulthood, it is easy to get into a networking session, saying hi, exchange name card, follow by a courtesy goodbye. To establish solid relationship on the other hand has always been tough. And that is precisely where the Manchester MBA comes in handy – it provided a scenario for all of us – working professionals to execute serious work together, to go through thick and thin in a limited time period and with it a lifetime of comradeship. To date, I am still in active contact with a group of alma matter. 

Finally, the academic rigor has sufficiently set me up for the next pinnacle in my self-actualization life-long adventure – my doctorate degree program. I am currently into the final year of my doctorate degree program looking at REIT as a business model.