2021 Issue

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Manchester Magazine
Nancy Rothwell / Global challenges, Manchester solutions

April 2021 Issue Words by Nancy Rothwell As I write we have more staff and students back on campus than we have been able to …

Manchester Magazine
Rethinking productivity

April 2021 Issue Words by Krystyna Rudzki Images by iStock/xavierarnau As the UK considers how its economy can recover from the impact of the pandemic, a …

Manchester Magazine
For health, equality and sustainability

April 2021 Issue Words by Vicky Taylor-Plane As a leading international research university, The University of Manchester is committed to playing a collaborative role in tackling …

Manchester Magazine
The graphene start-ups driving sustainability

April 2021 Issue Words by Alan Beck Image by Beenish courtesy of the Faculty of Science and Engineering Meet the graphene entrepreneurs putting social responsibility …

Manchester Magazine

What did biotechnology ever do for us?

April 2021 Issue Words by Professor Rob Field Illustration by Jane Naylor In looking to a greener and healthier future, what we can take from …

Manchester Magazine

Improving the chances of recovery from brain haemorrhage

April 2021 Issue Words by Sally Mavin Image by iStock/DrAfter123 Every five minutes, someone in the UK will have a stroke, with one in ten …

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