Venture Capital & Fund Raising Seminars

With disruptive technologies and startups being the buzzword of the moment, knowledge of fund-raising and venture capital is essential for enterprises to navigate today’s ever-changing business landscape.

Dr Frank Siegfried covered how Corporate Venture Capital can help drive innovation in companies during a breakfast masterclass on 16 August 2018 to a group of 20 alumni and prospects.

He captured how Corporate Venture Capital helps companies accelerate internal R&D, gain access to relevant technologies and create synergies with existing core businesses.

The audience enjoyed his real-life case-studies of companies who have benefited from the use of Corporate Venture Capital.

Organised by the UOM Alumni Association Singapore, 23 August saw close to 40 alumni and students attending an evening seminar on ‘Funding for an early-stage business entity: Getting to a term sheet but understanding what you are getting into’.

The seminar was conducted by Sunil Rai, Partner, Venture Technology and Emerging Entities at Dentons Rodyk and Darrien Ong, Associate Director of WPP Group, both senior AMBS alumni.

They shared very valuable advice and tips on fund-raising and deciphering a term sheet. During the talk, the Association also announced the launch of the Manchester Entrepreneurial group where members can network, exchange ideas and share tips about anything business.