Top Talk on Blockchain: Challenges & Opportunities in Today’s Business

The University of Manchester China Centre invited Michael Xia, senior manager in cyber security and innovation and a blockchain expert from PwC to share with our students and alumni about blockchain and its applications in non-financial areas.

Around 20 students and alumni joined this talk, all showed strong interest in blockchain applications in China regardless of experiences and familiarities with blockchain.

Michael firstly provided an overview of blockchain technology and its development in recent years.

Specifically, Michael talked about regulations and policies around blockchain in China. To further the discussion, Michael extended the talk to blockchain applications.

As blockchain’s definition becomes increasingly digestible in this tech-centered world, its impacts and applications are no longer limited to solely financial services.

Therefore by sharing case studies in several non-financial industries, such as retail & consumer, food, and logistics, Michael shed light on the opportunities and challenges of applying blockchain in Chinese business environment. During the Q&A session, alumni raised questions around blockchain practices in today’s Chinese society and expanded on its business potentials and opportunities in China.