China Alumni Leadership Forum Series: Non-violent communication

On 18th Nov, Tilman Rieger, a certified executive coach was invited to share with alumni on the importance of non-violent communication.

Alumni from AMBS, UBC, University of Hong Kong,  and Jiao Tong University attended the forum and engaged in heated discussion on the issues of violent behaviours they observed or experienced in everyday communication.

Tilman illustrated through examples and case studies that non-violent communication can be a great way to support you with positive intentions because it has the power to transform your life and life of the people around you while developing an attitude of mutual respect.

Alumni worked in teams to think of how to convey a critical or difficult message in a constructive and less costly manner and Tilman gave detailed feedback on pros and cons of each approach. In the 3-hour talk, heated debate revolved around topics such as cross-cultural communication and meditation effects between conflicting parties.