Alumnus speaks on Mid-Age Career Development

How to be successful during your mid-age’s career crisis? Have you met career development’s glass ceiling in your organization? Or are you already tired in your expert sector?

On the evening of 1st December, Charles Gao, Director of Signium Greater China, an experienced recruitment expert as well as our alumnus, shared with us this interesting topic.  As with the specific topic, this event is only for those alumni with over 15 years of working experiences and who are interested in understanding and brainstorming on the topic. The evening event of a working day was attended by over 20 alumni, which showed a big interest among our alumni.

After the event, alumni attendees approached Charles for various questions. They all commented that it was a very useful event – sorting out their confusions, close to the real labor markets, giving them more thinkings and options during their mid-age career path.