A Talk at Ministry of Health Thailand

On 23 and 24 November 2017, Dr Judit Csiszar from the University of Manchester was invited to speak at the Ministry of Health Thailand, on Ageing, Sustainability and Affordability on Healthcare System. The event was supported by the Singapore Institute of Management Global Education (SIMGE), The University of Manchester and Harvard Asia Consulting, Thailand.


Dr Judit Csiszar spoke about the similarities of health challenges across the globe and also discussed how leadership could help address these issues through innovative solutions in health. She also provided an overview regarding current directions in research on new models of care, such as on personalised medicine and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


More than 50 healthcare practitioners and experts from hospitals including senior management from Ministry of Health Thailand attended the talk. It provided a great opportunity to share information about the current global and UK healthcare system with the healthcare professionals of Thailand. Participants also talked about areas to strengthen the health system, universal health coverage and the achievement of sustainable development goals.


Mr Edgar Tai from SIMGE also spoke on the MSc International Healthcare Leadership programme with the healthcare professionals in Thailand, in the hope that they would share and participate in the programme.