Benjamin Chin - Jan 2018 Intake

Benjamin Chin, Group FP&A Manager, Grab

Good things come in threes – “omne trium perfectum”.

MBA – the three simple letters that will indelibly mark a major milestone in my life story. It was to be my clarion call for change. The wind in my sails. My magic carpet to a whole new amazing world.

3 Oct 2017 – that fateful day when I received a call confirming my acceptance into Manchester Business School. A sense of pride welled up for it meant a prestige of being part of the institution’s esteemed history. Deep elation continued as new doors of opportunities seem to unfold in my mind. An extra spring in my step began to develop as the world truly felt like my oyster; just waiting to be conquered. Then came a jolt of reality. I started to count the cost.

Time, sleep and money – the three things every part-time MBA student will sacrifice as they juggle between family, work and studies. It was initially a series of all-nighters and caffeine shots, until I found my rhythm. Having a study plan and a road map towards completing the assignments was important. Building in a generous buffer for contingencies is also crucial because a curve ball will swing by to wreck havoc on all well-laid plans. However, the bread in the pudding is really in keeping to the plan. And the secret sauce to that was found in the support of my band of MBA-brothers.

Immy, Willy and Raj – the three gentlemen from my cohort that would be lifelong friends, my pillar of strength in the face of harsh winds, an oasis when fatigue sets in and a sounding board for literally any ideas (from debating the juiciest vegetarian burger to unraveling the intricacies of the Stace-Dunphy change model). It would not be a stretch to say these three also represented the DNA and composition of the cohort. A diverse set of brilliant, hungry (in both sense of the word) and motivated individuals from all corners of the globe, ready to make their mark and champion their cause.

Were I to count the cost again.

Getting a triple-accredited Manchester Global MBA: $50,000
Hunkering down at Harry’s with your mates after a grueling workshop: $15 (a pint of beer plus taxes).
Tutored by leading academics of the day and alongside lifelong comrades, to be the next generation of business leaders: Priceless.