Imran Khan - Jan 2018 Intake

Imran Khan, Manchester Global MBA January 2018 Intake

The day I received the acceptance call, I was 7,500 feet up in the Himalayas with shockingly excellent 4G coverage and halfway through one of the most gruelling, yet rewarding experiences of my life. Little did I know that the ascent foreshadowed what was to be the first year of my Global MBA.

Beyond the pomp and circumstance of the first day, it dawned upon me that I was in an extremely competitive cohort from diverse backgrounds and breadth of experience that conjured vivid mental images of Senate briefings. With time, the walls broke down and a resolute, cohesive legion of academically-hungry fighters formed under the guidance and tutelage of highly knowledgeable academics intent on moulding the next generation of global leaders. The academic support team offered unparalleled assistance throughout our journey, always ensuring a well-fed cohort roamed the Manchester-purple hallways.

Informal groups took shape and the hushed whispers turned into late-night networking sessions exploring almost every topic imaginable – from Drucker to Duterte, from Mourinho to the Mona Lisa. Covalent bonds of friendship connected the cohort in a way I simply could not have imagined which made gruelling assignments easier on the palate and wedding invitations that much easier to circulate.

Times were not always rosy. Heated debates were a mainstay of our workshops with each member ferociously defending their points of view no matter how pressured they may have been to retreat. Such passion is a rarity in the current corporate arena with many agents simply opting for the path of least resistance and enjoying the rest of their valuable evenings by the boardwalk. Once the dust settled, we would advance, unified, to the designated watering hole to laugh off the day’s events and reconnect once again – a friendship restored.

I then knew, that I made the right decision all those months ago, with a Sherpa by my side.