Constance Sun - July 2018 Intake

Constance Sun, Business Development Manager – Real Estate & Infrastructure, Energy, TMT, and Education, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing LLP

It has been four months since I embarked on my MBA journey at Manchester Business School. When I reflect now on the experience I have had as the first semester has almost come to an end, I can say that I would definitely have regretted if I had not applied for this programme.

As a working mother of a one-year-old, I truly appreciate the flexible blended learning format of the programme which allows me to maintain a healthy balance between my study, work, and personal life. The two-year multi-modular programme was designed incorporating both virtual and face-to-face elements. Each module also aims to strike a balance between theoretical framework, real-world application, and reflection. The consistent and comprehensive framework has helped me deepen and broaden my understanding of major functions of business in a holistic approach.

One of the highlights of my first semester is the intensive face-to-face residential workshops, which have given me plenty of opportunities to further stretch myself out of my comfort zone and develop my skills to work more effectively in a highly diverse team. Everyone is expected to work with randomly assigned teammates and learn how to embrace the different personalities and working styles so as to achieve a common goal. The post-workshop assignments are structured in a way that we all need to apply what we have learned into real-life scenarios and come out with strategic solutions. At a social level, the programme has also offered me many networking opportunities through masterclasses, alumni sharing sessions, and other social events.

The unique combination of the experiential learning methodology and a strong focus on critical thinking, as well as group work, are the cornerstones of the success of the programme. I am now feeling excited about the upcoming semester in 2019 and looking forward to attending the elective workshops at overseas campuses in Manchester, HK, and Shanghai during the second year of the programme.