Wouter Verheyen

Utilities Engineering Lead 

Why did you choose to do an MBA?

I chose an MBA so I could expand my knowledge base beyond the engineering discipline. The decision to embark on this MBA journey was not driven by career considerations, but more as another way to challenge myself and continue learning.

Why did you choose to do your MBA with Alliance Manchester Business School?

I’ve had the pleasure of graduating as Chemical Engineer from UMIST. When looking for the right MBA course, the Manchester Global MBA (18 month accelerated pathway) was a perfect fit for me. The part-time global program was the only program with just the right duration and workshops which I could combine with my family life and with the construction and startup of a petrochemical megaproject I was working on. Being able to travel to different centres for workshops definitely also influenced my final decision.

Describe your MBA experience with Alliance Manchester Business School

The courses were highly informative and challenging, and matched closely with what I intended to achieve. I liked very much that most assignments required linking the course concepts to our day-to-day jobs, which means I had the opportunity to apply findings and theories directly to my job and make a positive impact. The management tools I have been given throughout the different modules are helping me every day to look at projects and processes more holistically, and to identify practical solutions to often complex problems.

I had the chance to visit Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, Manchester and Singapore and tapped into a massive worldwide network of MBS alumni contacts. The alumni engagement and extracurricular information sessions and lectures are truly what makes AMBS different from other MBA programs or schools.

What did you enjoy most about your entire MBA experience?

Definitely the network! I’ve had the chance to meet people from many nations, each and every one showing the same passion and drive to learn and share. I would highly recommend that everyone who plans to study (or is already enrolled) taps into this network to take the full benefit from this program.

How has your career progressed since doing an MBA with us?

I am about to start a new phase of my career in the United Kingdom, which comes with increased challenges and opportunities to influence my organisation at a regional and global level. The Manchester Global MBA has not only given me toolset to be more effective as practitioner or manager, but also taught me again how to learn, which I consider the most valuable part.

Finally, I can proudly say that the negotiations skills module has helped me in obtaining a reimbursement from my company for the course fees. Thank you AMBS Singapore team!

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