How The University of Manchester is contributing to the fight against coronavirus


Researchers at The University of Manchester are working together with partners from across society to understand coronavirus (COVID-19) and its wide-ranging impacts on our lives.

Researchers, teachers, students and professional service staff are combining their knowledge to contribute to the local, national and international response to the disease.

Latest COVID-19 news, projects and insights

Research to address the pandemic

The University of Manchester has established a COVID-19 research rapid response group through which scientists in our Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health are working with NHS colleagues from Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group, supported by Health Innovation Manchester, and utilising its experimental and translational research expertise through the NHIR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre and NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility.

This brings together the research and innovation strengths of their partnerships in an unprecedented way to focus on this public health crisis. The University’s aims are to minimise lives lost nationally and globally, and reduce the impact of the pandemic on Greater Manchester’s health and social care system and the wider community.

Latest media coverage

See contributions of Manchester’s academics to the COVID-19 debate.

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Understanding how COVID-19 behaves

Researchers at The University of Manchester are using their expertise in immunology to better understand how the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) behaves and affects individuals.

COVID-19 Social distancing having significant impacts on mental health, study shows

An early draft of a study by researchers at The University of Manchester shows social distancing and isolation is having significant impacts on people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Developing apps to fight Covid

Across the world governments are developing apps to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus. Nathaniel O’Grady, Lecturer at UoM looks at what local authorities need to consider before such an app is adopted in the UK.

How can society recover from Covid-19?

Drawing on evidence from other crises civic leaders need to already start planning for society’s recovery from Covid-19, says Dr Joy Furnival, a Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Management at the Institute for Health Policy and Organisation at Alliance Manchester Business School.

We hope that you and your family are staying healthy and safe during these uncertain and unprecedented times.